Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pencil Sketch 1

I was thinking what I should do today, then got an idea that I should sketch more of women’s faces because I suck at drawing their faces. I went down to the Price Depot store near my apartment, and bought a package of A4 plain paper. Sketch books are expensive like they cost more than 5 bucks a book. One package of A4 plain paper is not expensive, it is only just over 5 bucks and you even get more papers than sketch book papers. After I got the material, I went on the internet, looked for finest girls and yes, I sketched. Above those three images are best I got for today. I sketched about 20 papers. Anyway, I think I get confident on drawing women’s faces than before. I'd better do sketching from life though. I will go out on tomorrow to the Dufferin Mall and sketch people there, before the soccer training in the afternoon. If you have any suggestions to me about sketching, you are very welcome to talk to me, I will appreciate it.

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