Friday, March 23, 2007

Digital Painting 3

I was so busy lately with non-related art subject. That general education course Team Development is so annoying. I need to make a research for the presentation next week. So I am supposed to spend my time a lot on it rather than practicing the drawing. That’s too bad. Anyway, I have done one more digital painting which was banana, as I mentioned in last post that I wanted to make one or two more good painting to put in my portfolio. I did put that in my final portfolio for animation program, I hope it will turn out good. Wish me good luck. Lol. Anyway, this time I present the process of painting so you will have an idea of how I paint. I have my own way when I paint, I still need professional painter technique. But I think it’s all good so far. Comments and crits are appreciated.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Digital Painting 2 (persimmon and apple)

After spending Sunday morning by painting digitally, I ended up with those images. I really love the persimmon fruit next to the apple. I am thinking to put that in my portfolio if I get one or two more really good fruit paintings. So I need to work hard on it. Maybe next one will be banana. Whatever it is, painting is really fun for me now. Regarding with apple, I feel like I lost some details on it as I used smudge tool too much. But it was good because I know how to use smudge tool so when I painted persimmon, I had control over of smudge tool.
One thing I surely understand today is that taking time when drawing and painting is key to success. Before, I could not bare myself spending time a lots on one drawing or painting, but now I know how to feel it. When I was painting persimmon fruit, I went over details again and again till it looks perfect. Although it still needs to develop, I stop it right there. I might come back to it later when I have idea on it.
Actually, I got feedback from a member from Concept Art Forum that I’d better use soft edges brush for the one on the right and go painting again for the one on the left because it looked like unfinished (referring to the images of the previous topic). I’m glad that I got a invaluable feedback that improves my skill at painting. Without a comment, I cannot paint like the images above now.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Digital Painting

Lol, Crush. Nice comment and you make me wonder if I was thinking about you when I drew that monkey. Haha. Just kidding. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog.
I also thank to Ko NayLynnSeck for coming out here and saying at chat box. I usually visit your blog. I find out that your blog is pretty good as of sharing knowledges and experiences on there. You are doing good job there!
Ok, this time, I experimented with Photoshop Painting. I learnt painting technique from Concept Art forum. Please look at two apple images. You know the first one doesn’t look good as too blur and kind of lossy. The second one is much better. I spent 2 or 3 hours on first one and used mouse as tool. For the second one I used Tablet. So I guess the result might depend on the tool. Although I am not comfortable with using Graphic Pen on Tablet, I practice everyday to get it familiar.
Good news, I am able to solve the posting my color images on here. So you will see more of my colorful images. Wooo!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Using Corel Painter IX

First of all, I would say thanks to Geraldine, Ma Hana, Michi San, Yin May (Candle) for encouraging me through chat box and everybody who visits my blog.
After I explored painting technique at Corel Painter IX, I got my picture coming out like this. The color is not the right color you see it on here, according to some circumstances, colors is changed when uploading here. Lol, that's funny. I still like it although this is not the right color, I can feel kind of strange feeling by seeing it so I post it on. I use Artist Oil with different sizes of brushes. First time trying at Painter Software so I like the result. This picture is based on the sketch I made just this afternoon in Cafeteria while waiting for English Class. Marco and Samuel was with me at that time drawing.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Concept Art

This is my first concept art work. I have been trying hard to get one since I saw other people's concept arts at Their images really inspire me. I spent more than 6 hours to get this. The image is also included in my promotion brochure, the assignment from Professional Practice Course. I like this one very much. School will be open on tomorrow and students are ready to show their art works assignments competitively. Haha, hopefully not.
As always, comments and crits are appreciated.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Character Design 2

Some more monkey characters go on. This time he goes with banana. Haha. I am intending to put them in my portfolio to apply for animation program in this Fall. Comments are appreciated. I am sorry that I can't put them as colors. It might be because of my photos or this own blog problem. Anyway, you can also check some of my art works at Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Character Design

I think that I should work more on Character Design that I really love to do. So I post some my own character design in this blog. Although those drawings are with colors, somehow when I uploaded to this blog, the colors changed and turned out so bad that I put them as black and white. I would appreciate if you comment of them.