Friday, May 18, 2007

Landscape Study 3

Landscape study this time. As usual did them with photo reference. I like the color on the first one. Second one is Bagan pagodas. I tried to put the mood of that environment.

Ma Hana: Thanks. I did my portrait for school work already, but it didn’t look like me. :P Anyway, I will do of myself again. Oh O, don’t fight, people. :P

Tee: Thanks for the comment. I think drawing is all about patient. :P Well, it’s going to be long topic so let’s get to it later. I will visit your wordpress blog later on tomorrow.


The Northern Light said...

I really love the second one, but you know what you should have some (clear) differences between foreground, and background. If you didn’t pay attention to it, it seems a little bit awkward to see. I think you should also make better lighting and shadow. Last week, I tried crazily to have a Bagan Picture with a mood. But I failed. :P Anyway I love it, keep rollin’!!!!!!!
I think you should take a look at this one
What he did is more than perfect.

Myo Kyaw Htun said...

Ah Ko,

I like second one too. :)

Keep it up your good works