Tuesday, September 25, 2007

3D Maya animation 2

Here you go again. My rubber ball bouncing. See the difference? This one bounces more than the bowling ball and also it's too light that you can see the squash and stretch when before touching the ground and after. Alright, I am kind of busy with floursack animation. Will show here again when I am done with that.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

3D Maya animation 1

What you are seeing now is the bowling ball bouncing. You will feel the weight of the ball when it is bouncing. So two more ball will be coming on here the beach ball and the rubber ball.
My first 3D Maya animation assignments was already submitted. It's fun to do that but I really got hard time understanding the software features. Kind of use to it now though. I will post here some stuff I did at Maya. I spend time a lot in the lab to improve the skill and get the concept of 3D character animation. If I am at home, whenever I touch the computer, I always on the Counterstrike game playing online. Gotta be in the lab whatever. Lately got less time for drawing though. But will get back to it sooner or later. Drawing is fundamental of animation 2D or 3D.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Outside Sketch 4

I haven't posted here for long time. Some sketches I did at Dufferin Mall couple weeks ago. Really busy with study.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Photography 5

Alrighty, here you go the photos I took from the Montreal. I didn't get much time to go around the city as I was there with my friends so like I got to stick to them. The middle one is my favorite.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Outside Sketch 3

My outside sketches from two weeks ago. I was in Dufferin Mall sketching for Friday and Saturday that week. I will be going there this Friday afternoon. Life sketching helps me a lot to improve the drawing skill and observation.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Photography 4 (City Landscapes)

Showing here are the photos I took before I left Montreal. I shot those from the 24th floor of my friend’s apartment so I got nice view over the buildings around.
It’s my first school day today for the digital animation. Everything’s good there. First started with Life drawing, then the two classes of digital animation at where I had to use Maya 8.5 program. Still going basic principles of animation yet like bouncing ball, pendulum swinging, stuff like that. I was so anxious at first like I didn’t know tool very well so when the teacher asked us to make a snowball within 2 minutes, I was picking wrong tool rushing making the snowball. Jeex. Let me draw I would show him a very nice snowman in 30 seconds but that’s the different story. He told me to practice more to get familiar with tool after that. Alrighty, I will be spending my time in lab more from now on.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Digital Sketch 15

Titles in order.
DSG 1281: Sci-Fantasy: CARNIVOROUS JET
I was in Montreal last long weekends. Started a trip to Montreal on Saturday and went back to Toronto on Monday morning. Montreal is such a very very beautiful city. This city is way better than Ottawa the capital city. Toronto is kind of busy city, economical mainly based, but I feel like Toronto is still no better than Montreal. I really love that city. I think it's also because Montrealians love art. The environment, the people, the building, the street, the house, so on all attract me. I am thinking to work there after I finish study next year. Only one thing to consider which is that city speaks French. French language is mainly dominated in the city. I went there with two cars full of my friends. Everything was good when we got there. But bad luck came when we went back to TO. It's a long trip take more than 7 hours normally so we had to shift for the driving. So it's on the highway, one of our friends was driving between 120km to 180km. I knew that was so fast but it's ok to get that speed running on the highway. But we had to keep our eyes on watching police car catching speedy, so we could slow down before them. One time, the car was on 140 km, we saw a police car under the bridge but we passed him like ..wooo. When we knew we saw that, my friend tried to keep the speed down. I thought the police guy couldn't know which car was but he knew that was totally over sped driving. Few minutes later, my friend went up the speed again because it's so quiet and no car like police chasing us. That was the trouble. Not too long, one car behind closed to us suddenly turned on its police light. We were like, wow..look at that, usually police car is white, but now black car. He was following us all over without letting know us he's police after we passed that bridge. Damn! He gave speedy ticket to my friend who's driving for 140 km speed and fine was 300 bucks. Lol, I am not sure he's gonna take us to his car if he knew that we was over 160km on way back. Feel sorry for my friend. But bad luck never comes alone. He looked at me sitting at the back and saw that I was not wearing the seat belt. Then he's like open the door and looked at everyone on the back, lol, no one was wearing seat belt. So as a result, we got tickets each for not wearing seat belt, bill was 120 bucks. I have never gotten ticket or anything from police now it's the first time I got with that. I should have remembered there's new law about seat belt. Lol. Trip to Montreal was unforgettable. I got some photos taking there so will put them up here later. Time for stress, school starts tomorrow.