Sunday, May 27, 2007

Landscape Study 4

I have been missing doing landscape study for a week or so. I was busy with doing other things. Ok. I still have some landscape study so here you go.
There will be more sketches thingy on the blog.

Ma Hana: Thanks for the crit. Yeah, I thought about the painting like you too. It can be like in and out situation.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Digital painting 4 (with correction)

Images: Initial pencil sketch and final image

I realized that the character’s right foot somehow didn’t look right. So, I got to correct it again. I admit that the character’s anatomy is partially wrong and also the balance is not correct. Whew… I need to practice more on human anatomy.

Digital painting 4

I think I should focus on Character creation that I always like to do. So from now on, I pay more attention to it.

Images showing here are kind of concept work. It may be a man or woman or witch who is feeling miserable, envy, jealousy, anger, revenge, shy, or resentful, etc that that person is running away or leaving. Anyway, it’s open-ended for the meaning. The first one is the final polished painting. The rest are the steps (or kind of drafts) that I did to the final.

Comments and crits are welcome.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Digital Sketches 6

Two digital sketches I did for DSG. It’s the first time I successfully experimented the soft brushes in the first picture.

Tee: Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I should have paid attention to foreground and background. I tried to speed up on my landscape study, so yeah, details were lost. The link is pretty cool. I like it. Most images there tend to go abstract. More like design works. Really nice.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Landscape Study 3

Landscape study this time. As usual did them with photo reference. I like the color on the first one. Second one is Bagan pagodas. I tried to put the mood of that environment.

Ma Hana: Thanks. I did my portrait for school work already, but it didn’t look like me. :P Anyway, I will do of myself again. Oh O, don’t fight, people. :P

Tee: Thanks for the comment. I think drawing is all about patient. :P Well, it’s going to be long topic so let’s get to it later. I will visit your wordpress blog later on tomorrow.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Some portraits of my friends.

Medium : Charcoal (2B mostly), Pencil (F and 7B) , Kneaded earaser, White Charcoal
Material : Regular A4 paper, 24”X21” Yellowish Drawing papers
I painted on my Crushy images at PS so as to look better.

Before I talk about the drawings, let me say that it’s all my fault that I can’t draw exactly as you guys are in outside. So I apologize for that. :P

The first one is Sherron portrait. It’s supposed to be though. :P Hey she’s a beautiful woman in reality than in the drawing. I spent more than 3 hours for that one. I could not add more details as getting afraid of losing sense of lines which saying it’s she. The second and last one is my best friend Crushyyyy. She’s really cool. She always comes to help me when I need. She’s prettier than the drawings. Not much time I spent on them, I think I went just 1 and half hours. The third one is Poelay. Again, she’s prettier than that. I spent more than 5 hours on this one like adding details and making correction again and again. When I showed that one to her, she got mad. :P my bad.

Alright, folk, let me hear something from you. Well, I am not receiving too many visitors but I am happy that my friends always come here to support me. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Digital Sketches 5

Two digital sketches of robots are here. The green one was for DSG and the red one was just for fun and practice. I was struggling with red color in the first one like I could not find the values of red. Next time I will present some portraits I did.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Landscape Study 2

Two digital landscape studies here. I don’t really satisfy with the colors in both of them. Although I have finished Color Theory course, I am still having trouble with color in every single pieces. Well, I am doing one painting a day so hopefully it will pay off one day.

Tee 007: I’d like to move to Wordpress but I feel like I want to stay with this yet. Thanks for the suggestion and link.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Digital Sketches 4

There are two concept art pieces I did for DSG at Concept Art Forum. They are called “pair travelers facing the wall of faces” and “jetbikes getting off from a spaceship”.

Ma Hana: hi, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I am willing to draw the portrait so if you have the photo that you want me to draw then send that to me, and I will do it. I am not really good at drawing portrait yet, but I am trying my best to get it perfect.

Nancy: Glad having you here. Yes, I am able to draw men's faces easily, but what I am doing is practicing drawing women's faces. Alright, I will draw cool men when I satisfy my studies upon drawing. Have fun!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pencil Sketch 1

I was thinking what I should do today, then got an idea that I should sketch more of women’s faces because I suck at drawing their faces. I went down to the Price Depot store near my apartment, and bought a package of A4 plain paper. Sketch books are expensive like they cost more than 5 bucks a book. One package of A4 plain paper is not expensive, it is only just over 5 bucks and you even get more papers than sketch book papers. After I got the material, I went on the internet, looked for finest girls and yes, I sketched. Above those three images are best I got for today. I sketched about 20 papers. Anyway, I think I get confident on drawing women’s faces than before. I'd better do sketching from life though. I will go out on tomorrow to the Dufferin Mall and sketch people there, before the soccer training in the afternoon. If you have any suggestions to me about sketching, you are very welcome to talk to me, I will appreciate it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Landscape Study 1

Well, having great holidays for this summer, I spend most of my time in front of the computer. So thinking, why don’t I study painting of landscape? I decided to do it. So here are three paintings showing. I did them with photo reference. I know I need to do more. I try to make progress in every piece of the paintings.

Tee: Hey, buddy, I cannot read what you are saying in chat box. I think you wrote that in Myanamar language. But only squares showing in there. Anyway, that must be good thing. Thanks.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Character Design 3

I think this time I should show some character designs that have been successful entry for Digital Animation program that I will be doing in coming September.
Those are hero characters. I painted them in Photoshop 7.0 with just a mouse. I didn’t have a tablet at that time yet.
Thanks for the crit, Boke. I didn’t notice of her lip. You are right, and it’s good digging.
Thanks, Ma Hana, for dropping by. Yeah, I am a man now, huh? Lol.
You know what, whenever I check my Blog, seeing you guys’ says in the chat box makes me to go forward for drawing (like I want to show my improved images more and more)
Hello, Notherlights. Thanks for the encouragement. You know what, you are the first guy saying at the comment section. I will check out your blog later, right now it's over 12, get to sleep.
Thanks, Ko Moe Tain, for coming out here and saying I was tagged. Haha. Cool. You squeeze my brain. lol. Alright, here you go. Click here for the tagged.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Illustration 1

I painted above images in Illustrator CS 2. I think that using Illustrator software is more technical and functional. It's not easy if you don't know the basic tool like how to use pen tool or masking or something like that. I didn't know first too, but I do practise as much as I can. The second one has no sketch, it's simple and just need to put effect on polar grid pictures. The girl and the flower is different, I drew the sketch first in my sketch book, and then brought it to Illustrator for painting. Of course, it took time for me to finish. I think more than 3 hours for that. I like the final result. You might see those pictures in Myanmar Graphic Forum Illustrator tutorial section. I posted there at least a little help for beginners.
Thanks for dropping by, Ma Hana. It's strength for me seeing of you people's encouragement in the chat box.