Monday, March 12, 2007

Using Corel Painter IX

First of all, I would say thanks to Geraldine, Ma Hana, Michi San, Yin May (Candle) for encouraging me through chat box and everybody who visits my blog.
After I explored painting technique at Corel Painter IX, I got my picture coming out like this. The color is not the right color you see it on here, according to some circumstances, colors is changed when uploading here. Lol, that's funny. I still like it although this is not the right color, I can feel kind of strange feeling by seeing it so I post it on. I use Artist Oil with different sizes of brushes. First time trying at Painter Software so I like the result. This picture is based on the sketch I made just this afternoon in Cafeteria while waiting for English Class. Marco and Samuel was with me at that time drawing.

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