Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Photography 4 (City Landscapes)

Showing here are the photos I took before I left Montreal. I shot those from the 24th floor of my friend’s apartment so I got nice view over the buildings around.
It’s my first school day today for the digital animation. Everything’s good there. First started with Life drawing, then the two classes of digital animation at where I had to use Maya 8.5 program. Still going basic principles of animation yet like bouncing ball, pendulum swinging, stuff like that. I was so anxious at first like I didn’t know tool very well so when the teacher asked us to make a snowball within 2 minutes, I was picking wrong tool rushing making the snowball. Jeex. Let me draw I would show him a very nice snowman in 30 seconds but that’s the different story. He told me to practice more to get familiar with tool after that. Alrighty, I will be spending my time in lab more from now on.

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