Friday, August 31, 2007

Photography 3 (using first time Rebel Xti Canon)

Those are the pictures I took this afternoon with my newest Canon Digital Rebel Xti. I haven't bought the lens yet so that's all I got with my EF 18-55 mm lens. I should have listened to Ko Mg Mg's suggestion that take body only and then buy lens separately. Why I bought this set was that ...yesterday's afternoon, I was relaxing browsing around the camera sites, then I found the Aden Camera was now reducing the Rebel Xti down to 799 bucks, so it's like saving 200 bucks. Wow, I thought that's the big deal ever came up in the whole summer, and the time that I had been waiting for. Now here's it comes. I couldn't think of anything, put shirt and jean on, then went straight to the camera store, go like, 'I wanna buy Xti one with 'back to school special price'' the guy there was like, yeah, we got it. Then I bought it. It's end of the story of my longing to have a Rebel since 3 or 4 months ago. Now it's completed. I am quite happy now. Dude, Ko Mg Mg, I am saying thanks to you here for your valuable suggestion. Sooner or later I will go get the Cannon EF 75-300 lens. So after I left the student orientation this morning, I went straight to Chinatown to shoot around with my camera. Still unfamiliar with that yet, but hopefully I can learn very fast. So there you go. Check out my images up there and enjoy. Crits welcome.

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