Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pencil Sketch 2 (work from life)

I was out on last Friday to Dufferin Mall to sketch real people. I always do that on every Friday. It's always fun. Sometimes I get trouble with getting the right chair at the coffee shop where I always take place. It's like on last time, like I got to wait for half an hour to get the chair. Because only from that chair, I can see people clearly. I spend there for like two or three hours sketching, and then I go to the soccer field to play soccer. It's like routine. So here you go. Well, it's difficult to sketch real people because they are always moving and turning as they wish. So I need to be patient sometimes, I need to get my hand quick so as to get the life line better. I always happy with the results from that sketching. This post is also for my friend from Yangon who wants to know what sketching real people is.

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