Saturday, October 6, 2007

Digital Sketch 16

I am pretty busy these days with school assignments. I just bought a new computer from DELL recently. Then I got a problem with that. I can't get the sensitivity of brushes that I had in my old computer. I don't know why. Although the brushes I made before should be like transparent a little bit and go with gradient shape, but when I use that brushes in my new DELL computer, it doesn't go as it should be. No transparency, no gradient shape, only the flat solid shape that I really hate. I thought that because of my computer or graphic so I used the brushes again at my school lab as there were also the DELL computers. The same things went. Then I got it. DELL computer definitely has the problem with brushes in Photoshop CS or CS2 or CS3 or so on. So then I was like testing and making brushes again and again to paint in Photoshop. Well after spending 2 hours searching for brushes last night, I got a watercolor set brushes. So this morning, I painted in Photoshop with them. Well, not what I wanted, but it's alright. Looks good to me. So above was what I got from that. The second image is the screen shot. Just click on it and you will see the a bit clear version. Don't know there's kind of mosiac stuff going on there. Might be because of the screenshot capture software.

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